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How much money do you need working for you (passively from investments) so you have the choice to stop working for a paycheck (retire)?

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Seem like a large number?  

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It is possible, probable and even inevitable with a plan and a guide.

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Go from where you are to where you want to be.

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Confusion is not good.  Guessing is not a strategy.

You deserve a simple-to-follow plan that gives you more.

Take Control of Your Financial Future With A Plan That Fits Your Life 

So You Can Focus on What Matters Most.

More Confidence

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Less Stress


Repair & Avoid Pitfalls

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Focus On What's Important

We understand not having clear financial guidance can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Each Financial Guide is

  • licensed through the state

  • registered with FINRA

  • trained using a tool that works like a GPS for your money

GPS for Money

  • maps out the best route to get from where you are financially to where you want to be

  • when life takes an unexpected turn your Money GPS reroutes to reach your financial destinations faster

How it Works

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Talk with a Guide


  • We learn about your current financial situation, your goals and areas of concern.  You get to know us as well.

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Build Your Plan Together


  • With your guide, you build a clear picture of where you are, and where you want to go.

  • Your guide builds your plan to fit your life, and take you there.

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Take Action


  • With your guide, implement    action steps from your plan

  • worry less about money and enjoy life more today.


How We Are Different

At WayMaker Financial we know that you want to be confident in your financial future.  To do that, you need a financial plan that works for your life.  The problem is with so many companies just selling products, trying to put it all together can make you feel confused and overwhelmed.

We believe you deserve more than to be sold a product.  You deserve a custom designed, easy-to-understand, simple-to-follow financial plan that works for you.

We understand the financial pressures of life, which is why as financial guides, using a proven framework and technology that works like a GPS for money, have helped thousands of families get on track financially.

Here's how it works.  First you talk with your guide by phone.  Next you meet with your guide to build your plan.  Then with your guide's help, you take action and implement your plan.  It's that easy!  From there we are always only a text or call away to offer guidance if needed.

So, schedule a call with a guide.  Get clear direction, worry less about money, be more confident in your financial choices and direction, and enjoy life more.


In the meantime, get the Financial Recovery Workbook PDF by submitting your name and email in the form to the right.

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