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Helping guide families from where they are to where they want to be financially.


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Life is too short to feel anxiety about money.


Confusion is not good. Guessing is not a strategy. You deserve an easy-to-understand, simple-to-follow financial plan that fits your life, giving you more freedom and less stress.

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Get Empowered

to make smarter financial decisions.

Gain Control

over your financial life.

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about your financial future.

New Houses

How Strong is Your Financial House?

Like building a real house, there is a system to building a strong financial house.  If your financial house is not solid, just like a real house, it can crumble or collapse.

This animated video shows how to build a strong financial house and pitfalls to avoid.

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This is our story...

Dan is originally from the Syracuse, NY area and Leigh Anne is from Nags Head, NC.  Dan has a bachelor's degree in Sports Management from Liberty University and worked for most of his career as a Golf Professional.  Leigh Anne worked in Hotel Management and as a Nursing Assistant.


They started their journey together in 2010 meeting through Eharmony, and soon after married in 2011.  When Leigh Anne was paralyzed from her waist down for 7 days in 2013, she was unable to return to work and her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse ended.  At this point Dan and Leigh Anne became a single income family and ultimately finances became a challenge.


Even though they made it work, they wanted something more; something with greater purpose.  They wanted to do something that had a greater impact on others and had more opportunity for themselves. When they learned how some simple financial concepts could help them they were excited, and hope returned to their personal financial vision for their future. Then they learned about the opportunity to become a trained and licensed financial guide for others.  At this point they knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives.


Dan and Leigh Anne’s interests include sports, traveling, concerts and reading / listening to books or audiobooks.

     •  You may see them at a Liberty University game whether it be football, baseball/softball,               basketball, volleyball or almost any sport.

     •. Some of their favorite places to travel include Leigh Anne’s former home of Nags Head,               NC, Williamsburg, VA and Clearwater Beach, FL.  But they enjoy exploring new places too.

     •  When it comes to books, Dan and Leigh Anne are always looking for something to help                 them grow in a certain area of their life or how they can help others grow in theirs.

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