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Life is too short to feel anxiety about money.


Confusion is not good. Guessing is not a strategy. You deserve an easy-to-understand, simple-to-follow financial plan that fits your life, giving you more freedom and less stress.

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Get Empowered

to make smarter financial decisions.

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over your financial life.

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about your financial future.

New Houses

How Strong is Your Financial House?

Like building a real house, there is a system to building a strong financial house.  If your financial house is not solid, just like a real house, it can crumble or collapse.

This animated video shows how to build a strong financial house and pitfalls to avoid.

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This is my story...

My wife Angela and I live in western Pennsylvania with our four children.  We love being active in our church.  We enjoy our kids sports, the beach, bonfires, and going out to eat.


I first started in financial services in 2004 when I joined a small but growing firm in the greater Chicago area.  While the experience was incredible, I felt I wasn’t having the impact with families I had hoped.  Not knowing how to have the impact I wanted, I decided to leave financial services and return to the wireless phone industry, which allowed me and my family to return to western Pennsylvania.


After several years in the wireless phone industry and faced with limited advancement opportunities without relocating our family,  I began a second journey into financial services, this time as a financial advisor.


This new role was challenging, and very rewarding.  I was amazed so many people needed help understanding their money, and how many people never heard from their representative.  I was enjoying myself, helping people and providing for my family.  What bothered me was the business model of the firm I was with was to help people who already have money.  But what about the people who want to start on this financial journey but don't know where to start? 

Why shouldn’t everyone have access to this information?  Being told to ignore people that didn’t already have significant money saved didn’t sit well with me.  I found a place where I am encouraged to help everyone who wants to improve their finances and have never looked back.  It is extremely fulfilling to provide financial education and guidance to hardworking people just starting out as well as those who have built up assets and want a strategy to retire.  I believe anyone can achieve their financial goals with access to the proper tools and guidance.


“Whether it’s a single person, couple, or family…seeing the look in their eyes when they say, "I believe I can get out of debt, retire, give more to my church or charities, live my dream.…" that look of belief is why I do this.  When I can help take away the stress of money in someone's life, allowing them to focus more important things, I’ve done my job.”

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