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Helping guide families from where they are to where they want to be financially.

Neil Wright-Elliott


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Life is too short to feel anxiety about money.


Confusion is not good. Guessing is not a strategy. You deserve an easy-to-understand, simple-to-follow financial plan that fits your life, giving you more freedom and less stress.

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Get Empowered

to make smarter financial decisions.

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over your financial life.

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about your financial future.

New Houses

How Strong is Your Financial House?
Just like building a real house, there is a system to building a strong financial house.  If the structure of your financial house is not solid, just like a real house, it can crumble or collapse.  Watch this animated video to see how a strong financial house is built and pitfalls to avoid.

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This is my story...

My wife Tori and I have lived in Frederick, Maryland for 7 years. I’m originally from England, and came to the US on a soccer scholarship.  I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Alderson Broaddus University in Philippi, WV.  My career so far has been in B2B sales, working with some of the largest companies in the US.


Our financial journey really began in 2016.  Both Tori and I were on a traditional path many people are: graduate college, work hard, get promoted, and increase your income.  But, with minimal exposure to financial education, one of our biggest challenges was lifestyle creep.  Increases in income lead to increases in lifestyle and additional expenses which ended up on credit cards.


A few months after buying our first home, we were tired of living paycheck to paycheck. We had no emergency fund should something come up and were constantly fighting to pay down credit cards, only to have to use them again to keep up with our increased lifestyle. That’s when we decided to be more purposeful with our finances.


We started by reading some of the notable financial books, listening to podcasts and learning from other people. Through intentional and consistent work, we went from a negative net worth in 2016 to a positive net worth of several hundred thousand dollars today.


Tori and I wanted to find someone to help guide us as we continue our financial journey, without using high pressure tactics which deterred us from working with advisors in the past.  Working with Brian as our financial guide has been great support, without any pressure.  We have more clarity in our financial journey and more confidence in our plan.


When I found out about the opportunity to get trained and licensed as a financial guide, to help other families reach their financial goals, I was excited! Families don’t need to go it alone.  They can have someone in their corner.  I was ready to make a difference and have a positive impact on families' financial journey.


Pulling from our own experience, understanding there are proven ways to be more successful financially, and knowing how much impact having a guide has played on our own success, I look forward to helping other families reach their financial goals.

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